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You can learn from Dell Hell, Dell did.

A recent post on CustomerThink discusses how Dell Computer learned valuable lessons on listening to customer feedback. Read it here You Can Learn From “Dell Hell”, Dell Did.


Spot the Feedback Button

There are companies out there that encourage your feedback. There are also companies that don’t seem to want to hear what their customers have to say. Let’s play spot the feedback button…





Click on the images, see if you can find the place where you can feedback.

Out-of-the-Box Customer Service

In today’s ultracompetitive environment, leading companies redefine customer service by building relationships, anticipating needs, and helping customers become more profitable. This Harvard Business Review article, Out-of-the-Box Customer Service, asks high-level executives about their customer service nightmares and the effects of competition.

Simple Tips for Gathering Customer Feedback

In his article, Simple Tips for Gathering Customer Feedback Sean Cheyney discusses his ideas on soliciting customers for their feedback.

Sean Cheyney VP, Marketing and Business Development of AccuQuote (AccuQuote is a leader in providing term life insurance policies to people across the United States. The company is headquartered outside Chicago in Wheeling, Illinois and has a satellite branch office in Golden, Colorado.)

Customers say the funniest things…

“I am having a serious problem. I can’t send any email. I keep getting an error report that reads Line 346 Char 298 Error: Expected ‘}’ Code 0 What does this mean?”

“I just read your article on the Black Hole in the center of our galaxy. Somebody want to tell me how we can observe an effect which happened 300 years ago from a distance of 26,000 light years since it would take 26,000 years for light (including X-rays) to reach us here on Earth? Sombody has their wires crossed!”

“Need Support for Outlook 2007. The TMAS Add-in does not work with Outlook 2007.”

“Your “free” telephone support is busy (sort of worthless!)”

“RE instructions wrong; Debug logs published 9/18/06 Solution point #5 “A” is debug not “B” #7 does not function for my needed solution Issue exists continually”

“You guys spelled “Embezzler” wrong.. I screenshotted it and passed it around the office though.. We got a laugh 🙂 Thanks”

“PM yesteday your system stopped recognizing my password…your get help to fix password does not work…, how do I get this fixed ….”

“the 9 year old brung the handgun to a school in south carolina not north carolina like what is listed”

“WHERE IS THE BULK MAIL? I WANT YOU TO RETURN THINGS THE WAY THEY WERE and stop with your vapid and insipid,lame attempts to update your site …you seem to have a knack for making things worse.”

“my button in my e-mail don’t work.PM There is a group that sends spam to my email probably ever single day. I have had to dump all my other emails because of this one group. I have tried going about taking myself out of the group and have sent emails saying to not send me emails anymore and unsubscribe me but there are even more emails being sent to me. I would just like to have my email back to normal without having to deal with this problem. Please tell me how I can fix this. Thank you.”

“dear sirs i hope your software is as good as it is expesive!!!!. with kind regards JM”

“Can’t contact by phone your technical services (phone always busy) for help in trying to see why I keep getting notices that I haven’t registered the software when I have; and also why,when clicking the register software button I get “can’t register software””

“i would like to thank you for this great product.I had a problem case #3503 and i had a good response from mr Willand Osabel. He fixed my problem on live support chat, i did not have to wait on the phone.That is a great idea for live support.Thank you very much”