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Online Promoter Scores

Ryan Moede’s article Linking Web Buzz to MINI Sales describes how MINI and MotiveQuest scoured more than 30 million online conversations to find 52,000 people who were talking about MINI.

Most usefully, Tom O’Brien of MotiveQuest shares the slide deck entitled ‘The Relationship between Advocacy and Sales‘ (cheers Tom and take note Advertising Age: you really are not embracing this web2.0 thing, remember the conversations are taking place outside of your subscription model). Pay particular attention to slide 8, I feel that the correlation between OPS and Sales is going to be the ‘Beer and Diapers’ for the next couple of years – it may even reach that mythical status.

Hunting around some more, I came upon KD Paine’s site – The Measurement Standard, where in the post Measuring Naked Relationships, she describes 9 steps – however, the steps are pretty much tuned to a traditional survey mentality. Admittedly Surveys are not going away, but my question is how is survey data being integrated with new customer insight derived from customer initiated feedback either in blogs or open text feedback forms?

(Wikipedia’s definition of Online Promoter Score)


Social Networks will be like Air

Steve Rubel in Advertising Age says “social networks will be like air. They will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to be” . He goes on to add “Community today is a different animal. People expect it to be part of virtually every online experience. Most media companies allow users to leave comments or even create profiles. Hundreds of thousands of brands, non-governmental organizations and individuals have set up their own social networks on The entire web is going social.”

The whole of the article can be found here: There’s Promise and Peril in Ubiquitous Community

Best practice notes – open ended feedback

Charles Wiedenhoft’s User Interaction Blog had a quick post, Collecting Qualitative Customer Data, that you need to be combining behavioral data with qualitative and competitive data.

Kevin Mireles 2006 article, Eight steps to defining what goes into version 2.0 and beyond! has some great insights into using open ended questions in online feedback forms.

Where are you listening for your customer feedback?

Whereas once upon a time, customers would fill out your comment cards, perhaps send you and email or respond to your online feedback form. But today, customers are talking talking everywhere.

The advent of social media has created millions of opinions and comments being voiced each day.

A couple of interesting examples caught my eye:

JetBlue uses Twitter – Listens to Customers, Grabs New Business on the Market Culture Blog

Mining Twitter for the Enterprise: Survey your Customers’ Candid Thoughts using a Social Web 2.0 Service from Peter Laird’s Blog on BEA’s Dev2Dev online community

This week’s Advertising Age article, Is your consumer using social media? defines nine profiles of which of your consumers may be using Social Media.

Is Buzz Tracking Worth the Effort – a note from Ian Miller on how to monitor your online reputation