Monthly Archives: July 2008

P&G Recruits Mommy Bloggers

Ad Age reports on how Procter & Gamble Co.’s Pampers is bringing as many as 15 top “mommy bloggers” to the company’s Cincinnati headquarters later this month in what appears to be the company’s biggest effort yet to reach online influencers. Read the full story here.

Three years ago, Business Week wrote an article – The Search for Influential Bloggers – seeking tools to help uncover the A-list bloggers. Since then things have moved on a-pace.

The Future of Media vid-clip on Social Media Monitoring provides a 5-minute introduction to brand monitoring.  Two vendors are Radian6 and Buzzlogic. Another video segment at FastCompany promotes how Buzzlogic calculates influence.


Tracking Buzz in Real Time

A while back the Elephant ear heard Jet Blue’s Twitter story, here’s another Twittery aftermarket add-on.

Love it or hate it, there’s a conversation happening on Twitter – Abbey Klason of AdvertisingAge discusses Summize, a service that tracks and aggregates conversations flowing through Twitter and its competitors, such as FriendFeed and Plurk, letting you search to see who’s talking about what and to whom.

Matt Dickman at Techno//Marketer has also documented a heap of Twitter tools in his post Twitter and Customer Service, How to Listen.

Lifehacker says ‘write your complaints’

A posting by Kevin Purdy at Lifehacker entitled “Why you should write snail mail for product complaints” discusses how it sometimes takes a traditional written letter to get your complaint heard and there are many reader comments to support this. When you think about the volume of text that online feedback forms generate, is this at all surprising? Imagine how many comments might be received by a company like Dell and the small army of readers they would need just to classify them leave alone provide a meaningful response. When a snail mail letter arrives, perhaps it is because of the lower volume that these letters are responded to.

If trying to implement a best practice feedback mechanism, how do you surface the customer complaints or product issue comments to be able to respond? What are the considerations where an urgent response is required in the case of customer safety or maintaining your brand? How do you pick out those comments in an appropriate timeframe?