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Are you still not getting Twitter?

Just in case you’re still not getting Twitter – here’s maybe why. If you approach this from a corporate marketing perspective – as to how can we make Twitter help us be more profitable – then you end up with a campaign like this, that is almost guaranteed to get a huge helping of disingenuous egg thrown back in your face. However, if you regard Twitter as the people’s friend, it is a portender of how Web3.0 (IMHO) is going to work.

Go back to The Cluetrain Manifesto, recall the famous words – “all markets are conversations”. Here is an example of a market, a conversation, an action.

“NEW YORK ( — Johnson & Johnson did manage to offend some mothers with an online and print campaign for Motrin that implied moms carry their babies as fashion accessories. But was it a genuine groundswell that felled the effort — or an alliance of the few, empowered by microblogging service Twitter?

Two days after a new ad push for Motrin triggered an online backlash, J&J’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit is pulling the campaign, from the New York office of independent shop Taxi, and begging a vocal mommy-blogging nation for forgiveness.

The beginning of the end for the Motrin push probably came Friday night, when Los Angeles blogger Jessica Gottlieb said she was tipped off to the ads and started expressing her outrage over the campaign on Twitter, where she has 1,018 followers.”

Read the entire article here on : How Twittering Critics Brought Down Motrin Mom Campaign

If you want to check out the buzz for yourself, the SearchTwitter query is this:

If you want to better understand how to leverage Twitter and other Social Media sources, you should think a little broader than your business objectives and revisit the publicly stated mission statement.